Spending March w/ Jesus 3/3/09 "Tempted after a High"

John the Witness, Jesus, and Temptation

Read Matthew 3:1-4:11

This past week we had a friend of ours become a "Born Again, Child of God." It is such a cool story that maybe I will share the full details at another time if she gives me permission. It was one of the most beautiful transformations that I have been able to see in my Christian life so far. I can look back at this person and see how God has been literally wooing her over the past few months. God surrounded her with strong believers, softened her heart to the Word of God, and gave a few people the platform to love her and speak straight with her.

I am sharing this story because it tied into this scripture so perfectly. In Matthew 4, Jesus has just been baptized and is now set out to live the rest of his life on public mission to fulfill all that God has for him (I am not saying that he wasn't already doing that, however this was the beginning of his public ministry). Immediately after he came out of the water from baptism, scripture tells us, heaven opened up and there was a voice that said "This is my Son, whom I love, with him I am well pleased." It was this supernatural work of God for many to see. The Holy Spirit came and ascended on him in the form of a dove. How cool would it have been to see this.

Anyway, one would think that after an experience like this in a persons life, immediately the Holy Spirit wipes out all fear, doubt, lust, etc and makes the life of a believer as simple, easy, and convenient as possible. I mean we're talking about God here. Of course God would do that for us, we're his children, Right? Wrong!! That is not the case at all. Matthew 4 shows us that after the supernatural, the Holy Spirit will lead you into temptation. What???????????? The Holy Spirit leads you into temptation? No he doesn't, Satan leads you into temptation. Wrong again!! Read Matthew 4:1 again and see for yourself. The Holy Spirit does that. That's just how He roles.

I think back to my own life and it is exactly what I experienced. After I became a Christian, I was thrown into a relationship that had sexual temptation all over it, I was put on a basketball team with many unbelievers who were rebelling against God, I was invited to parties, had drugs thrown my way, and many more stories. Unlike Jesus, I failed God in these situations and fell at the feet of temptation.

I wish that someone warned me about that. I wish someone told me that after the supernatural, the Holy Spirit lead you into temptation. I wish I was on better guard against what the Holy Spirit does and Satan's schemes.

I will briefly share an excerpt of a dialog that took place after our friend was saved by Christ. I thought it ties in well.

Happy Birthday. So why the Happy Birthday? Because you've been born again!!!!! HOLLA>>>> That’s a big freakin deal. Congratulations. That is huge. The bible says that ALL of Heaven throws a party when one sinner comes to repentance and trusts in Christ. My advise to you from here on out is to just fall more and more in love with Jesus. He is so beautiful and such a gentleman to his children. Be on guard because the enemy will try and convince you that your salvation is not real and you will experience doubt. This is just his normal tactics, but I know your stronger than that.

Her response:
thank you guys so much, I really feel like I can breathe for the first time ever in my life. Pretty cool, huh? You are right, there have already been thoughts in my head, and I just let Satan know to take it up with God, his issues are not mine.

It is beautiful to see God at work in the people around you. Isn't it? Oh yeah!!!

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