Spending March w/ Jesus 3-8-09 "Jesus Speaks To Us"

Jesus Performs Many Miracles

Read Matthew 8:1-13 and Luke 7

Its my anniversary. Can you believe that it has been 6 years since Beth and I tied the knot. Wow.

Anyway, something cool happened with Daniel tonight. Jen put him to bed at about 8:30pm so that Beth and I could go and grab a cheap anniversary dinner to celebrate. When we got home, Daniel yelled to me to come up to his room. When I walked in he told me that he was scared because he had a bad dream. Funny how he was able to have a bad dream but never fall asleep yet. Anyway, I asked him what it was about. He said that he was hanging from a tree and nobody would help him for 7 weeks. RANDOM.

My response was typical. "Daniel, you know that wouldn't happen because you know who'd help you?" (I was thinking that "I" would help him) Of course he humbled me and said, " Yes, Jesus would help me." Then he got all skeptical, which I love by the way.

He said this, "How is Jesus going to ever help me when he doesn't know that I need his help? I can't see him, so how can I tell him that I need him to help me?" I answered, "You pray and believe that Jesus will hear you and and answer." "But Dad, I can't hear Jesus because I can't see him."

Then I went out on a limb. I said, "Yes you can hear him, lets pray right now and asks Jesus to say something to us." So I prayed and just asked Jesus to speak." We were quite for about a minute and then I asked Daniel what Jesus said because I thought that I heard something. Daniel answered with a huge smile, "He just told me that he would always help me and be there for me and I don't need to be afraid."

Funny enough; that just about the same thing that I heard.

My son is already learning to hear the voice of God.

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