Spending March w/ Jesus 3-4-09 "Water into Wine"

Jesus Changes Water into Wine

Read John 2:1-11

What a way to start out your ministry. Nah, don't heal a blind guy, don't walk on water, don't disappear like a bad magic trick during a game of hide-n-seek. Instead.....lets get this party started. We bout to get crunked in hear. haha. Ok. I am kidding; Kinda! For all you Hyper Nazarenes and Baptists who seem to take the FUN out of Fundamental; Jesus just blew your boxers off. Or should I say your tighty whiteys? For you southerners who are a little confused, Yes....it says Jesus turned water into wine....not sweet tea.

None the less. I did learn something else from this passage. Something that you may not see when you are fist looking at this. Most people look at Jesus in this passage but neglect to look at the two servants. Check out this story from their perspective.

Jesus just gets told by Momma Mary that there's no more wine and to fix the problem. Jesus seems a little perturbed about this and doesn't want to help out, he says specifically that it is not yet his time. However there are probably a couple of the servers around hearing this conversation. Momma Mary tells them to do whatever Jesus tells them. So what does he do? "Yo, go get me some water and put it into the stone jars." says Jesus. I am sure by now these two guys are pretty confused. then he tells them to take the water to the Master (Their Boss) to be tasted. Imagine what was going through their mind as they began to walk to their master? This is what I would have been thinking. "This is so stupid, we're definitely fired after this one." "What in the world are we doing, bring a pot of water to the Master for freakin a taste test? This is dumb."

Then it happened. Probably right before their eyes. They watched as a pitcher of water that they just got from a well, turned into some of the best wine they have ever had. They were probably absolutely blown away. Miracles like this don't just happen. Not at wedding parties. Right? Wrong!

What possessed these guys to actually begin to walk to their Master with a pitcher of water. I'll tell you what it was. Jesus spoke! Today Jesus still speaks. And...when we listen and are obedient to what he tells us to do, our eyes are open to see the supernatural miracles that only Christ can perform.

What miracle is God trying to show me? What am I not seeing because I am not doing what Christ has told me to do? This is why Christ said many time in the gospel of Mark "Those who have eyes, let them see." Jesus, I want to see. Cleanse me of my unbelief and forgive me of my sin so I can stand in the gospel and see. I WANT TO SEE!

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