Spending March w/ Jesus 3-18-09 "Who do I really Love?"

Jesus and the Rick Young Ruler

Read Mark 10:17-31

I was thinking today about what I would give up for my family. The answer is honestly everything. I would give up anything for my family, my money, my safety, even my life. I'm not a guy with a hot temper or anger issues, however, don't mess with my family. When Abby came home the other day from a friends house with a mark on her face from running into a couch, I had to cool down for a minute because I found myself upset. When Daniel came home after getting into a little scuffle at Chick-fil-a in the play area, I was thinking of who's dad I would have to kill because their son was messing with my son. And my bride. Don't even play. I would have a joyful time beating anyone who messes with my bride. that my boo and nobody messes with my boo.

I was wondering what it was that compels me to act in such ways that were totally out of character for me. I guess its just Love. Love compels me to act differently.

In the story of the Rich Young Ruler, his Love for money compelled him to run after THINGS rather than the Lord. It was his idol, his treasure, his Lord. That is what brought him satisfaction, comfort, and protection.

Maybe I am recognizing that my family is my Lord. Would I be willing to give them up if the Lord asked me to? I don't think so. As a daddy and husband, I struggle with this. I am infatuated with my family and have to be very careful not to idolize them over my walk with Jesus.

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