Absolute Truth and Exclusivity

To claim that there is no Absolute truth is in itself a statement in which the teller is claiming to have an absolute truth. Therefore, by its own grounds makes no sense at all. To claim that there is no absolute truth is just as controversial and faith based as claiming that Jesus is the Truth. The question cannot be whether or not there is an exclusive absolute truth, rather the question should be "Which exclusive claim of truth produces the most inclusive and loving behavior?" The answer to that is seen only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ who claimed to be God and died the substutationary death for our sin. This is what CS Lewis called the "Great Exchange". Where Jesus, who knew no sin, became sin, paid our penalty by absorbing the wrath of God on the cross, so that we may become the righteousness of God. (2 Cor 5)

Real orthodox belief in that TRUTH can only produce a following of the same example which is just about as inclusive and loving as one can be. The gospel paints a picture of loving those who should not be loved and accepting those who should not be excepted. Christianity is the only religion that makes those claims. True Biblical Christianity also assumes that non-Christians are no worse than Christians; because Christianity is not about being moral, rather it is about recognizing your sinfulness but being justified by Christ. Looking at life and the world through this gospel lens, can only create peace and a non-judgmental attitude from the believer. If that is not the case; which often times it isn't, the believer is not really looking at life through the true orthodox gospel lens. In conclusion, True Christianity is an exclusive belief that produces inclusive behaviors which is bent towards love. Every belief, even is the belief claims that there is no truth, is a belief in truth.

How does this effect me:
I no longer feel the need to intelectually prove my belief over someone else's. No belief can be fully proven, all beliefs are an act of faith. Truth be told, I cannot prove anything, it is only the Spirit that bears witness to Jesus Christ, not my crafty words or intelligence. Instead, I now feel the freedom to just put my belief in the same pool of every other belief BUT....knowing that my belief produces the most inclusive and loving behaviors. In the end, I need to do a better job at looking at the Gospel of Christ and allow the gospel to transform my life so that when people see me they will praise my Father in heaven. That is why character is so important.

My thoughts on "The Reason for God" Chapter 1

Please Pray for Donna.

Hi Everyone.

There is someone who is very special to our family who needs our prayers. She is a teacher at our kids preschool and has taught both Daniel and Abby. She was probably their favorite teacher at the school in their 3 years attending. Shhhhh, don’t tell the other teachers.
Anyway, here is her note to us. Her name is Donna.
I would like to ask you and Beth to keep me in your prayers. On June 3rd, I am having a small tumor removed from my pancreas. It is cancer....but NOT pancreatic cancer. I am not expected to need chemo or radiation. I am thankful that this has been caught very early!!! So, we have been on a bit of a scary medical journey the last couple of months.
Pray that the Lord will do a miracle in her body. That she would have a supernatural, God Ordained, recovery and even that she would be healed. I believe in the Holy Spirits ability to heal on the spot. It is OK to pray for that. I know a good amount of people blog stalk and keep up to date on what's going on, so if you would be so kind and ask Jesus to move on behalf Donna and her family, it would be awesome
Love you guys, Matt
Feel free to post your comments to her as well.

Netcast Update (Showing off the Lord Jesus)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to show off the Lord Jesus Christ real quick. I have become a firm believer that the Lord is telling the truth when he says "I will build my church." As most of you know, we have been going through the Acts 29 assessment process which we have passed through and are now being coached by a pastor in the New England area. The next phase of our church plant has been fundraising and building a team. Let me update you with a couple of financial miracles that has just stirred my soul.

1. I was given an incentive by the CEO of my company to raise money. He has offered to do a matching grant of up to $10K. He is willing to match 50% (up to $500) per family, church, or organization. The person can not be a relative and money has to be raised by October 31st. In essence I need 20 people / organizations to give $1000 in order to receive the full amount.

2. My brother-in-law has offered to purchase and design our website $1000 minimum gift not including the labor and expertise.

3. I had coffee with a local pastor in town today who told me that he was prompted to give me $1000 towards the church plant. It was the first time that I met him and I never asked him for money. He is sending a check shortly.

4. A team member who will be moving with us to plant was just given a large inheritance and will be tithing that income to our church plant. Are you kidding me? The person who passed away was a believer. Praise God.

5. I received an e-mail from a believer in NC who I have never met before. Someone who I occasionally work with mentioned that she knew some crazy young man who was moving his family to Boston to plant a church (that would be us). She literally asked me about what we are doing, if she could be a prayer partner, where she could send a check, and who to make it out to. I never asked her for a dime. Jesus just moved on our behalf. When I told her about some of the things that have happened recently this was her response. Remember that we never met before, however she is a part of the Body of Christ and we are united by the Gospel.


I have been praying for your ministry, on a daily basis. When Wanda first told me about your ministry I felt led to start praying for you and your family. I have asked all of my siblings to do the same - there are 7 of us all together. They live from Jersey to Florida. What a blessing! God is so very good to us. He always throws in a couple of surprises. Don't really know why we are surprised because we know he does these things all of the time. You could write a book on the past three years that would be a great inspiration to many individuals that are struggling with a church or starting a church. Can't wait to read it.

God Richly Bless you and your family,

6. I am meeting with a pastor in town who leads an Evangelical Covenant church in Greensboro. The meeting is on Wednesday and he wants to talk about supporting us.

Just thought I would share; these are major miracles, especially in today's economy. If I had to chose a time to try and raise money, it would not be during the recession of 2009. However, God is faithful and will build his church. Pray that we will continue to never get ahead of what the Lord is doing and instead, follow his lead. If you would like to financially support us; please ask the Lord to give you the courage to have the generosity that it takes. I fully understand that it would be a huge sacrifice. I really love all of you and are so thankful to be able to show off what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing in the life of our church plant in Greater Boston. I am literally in tears today while writing this to you.

Twitter the Gospel in 140 Characters.

There is a challenge going around out there in the "Blogging / Twitter" world with this as it's topic.

"In 140 characters, how can you twitter the gospel?"

I guess you can only use 140 characters on twitter. I am about to take a stab at it and then explain it. I know that I have a decent amount of people who read the blog so I would love some other people to take a stab at it. It'd be a pretty cool exercise.

Attempt 1
"The Gospel is that God saves Sinners." - JI Packer

Attempt 2
"The Gospel, is that Christ died for our sins according to Scripture, he was buried, and he was raised on the 3rd day. Look and believe." (1 Cor 15 & John 3)

Not sure if we can come up with anything more basic and true than either one of those 2 statements. In essence these are both very practical and basic, but profoundly theological.

1. Deep down, we all have a sense of our own sin. Nobody needs to convince us (believer or un-believer) that we have sin in our lives.

2. A high majority of people believe that there is a God somewhere who is personal. That God is capable of anything.

3. 97% of human population know about Jesus and the effects of the cross. (Much less people believe)

4. Theologically it is God who saves us from our sin by faith through Christ alone. Not our morality or actions.

5. God does all the work including giving us the grace and faith in order to accept his grace by faith.

6. The Gospel is received through belief. No added verb is needed. Christ's work was finished on the cross and nothing needs to be added to it. Works is a fruit of the belief; not anything else.