Home and Netcast Update (To Outside Partners)

Dear Friends, Family and Ministry Partners...

The Chewning Home
As many of you already know, Beth and I have been working towards raising money for our move over the past 45 days. Just yesterday, the last of our fundraising had come in and I am so excited to share that we have hit our goal. I thank Jesus for how he has provided through this. Never in my life have I seen God stir people towards generosity the way we have seen in the past month. So many of you have come along side of us to help this dream of moving into a single family home come true. As of now we have submitted all of the proper information to the bank along with the final check. Our closing is scheduled for this Friday, so please pray that we don't run into any issues.

We sincerely thank you for your love, prayers and financial support. We couldn't be more blessed having friends and family like you in our lives to share this beautiful time.

Netcast Church
The month of December was also an incredible month of generosity for Netcast. I want to remind us that Netcast only exists because of you. Netcast exists because a group of people and churches, many who have never been to a service of ours, pooled resources, thought outside of themselves and took a risk on a young kid with little ministry experience and no seminary degree. Many of you sacrificed your own comfort so that a hope in Jesus would be spread throughout the North Shore of greater Boston. Because this is true, from the moment Beth and I left North Carolina to plant Netcast, we committed to do everything in our power to plant a church that modeled the same generosity that was modeled towards Netcast before we existed. And from the day we started, I am proud to say that Netcast has continued to fight for this. We have never let money drive us, or allow a lack-of money to give us an excuse to not minister to those around us. We have done everything we know to model, that “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

In December, Netcast was able to give away over $37,000 towards Church Planting nationally and globally, as well as build 2 water wells in Zambia. Originally it was going to be Namibia but recently it was changed to Zambia. If you have a few minutes, please read of our efforts here.

Until all have heard, Matt and Beth