Spending march w/ Jesus 3-10-2009 "Jesus gives Eyes and Ears"

Jesus speaks in Parables

Read Matthew 13

Have you ever been having either a conversation or even worse, an argument and the other person doesn't have a clue what you are saying? This has happened to me many times. Just this past week Beth and I were in a car driving to dinner and we were just upset. The night hadn't gone as planned and we had nothing else to do but be upset with each other. It seemed like everything that Beth was saying to me was just pissing em off. The same was true for her, everything I was saying was driving her nuts.

When I look back, the truth is that we just didn't have ears to hear each other. We were so preoccupied with "OURSELVES" that we were not really open to hearing each other. This is why Jesus spoke in parables so often. Because of the pride of the crowd, they were unable to receive any direct criticism. Jesus was the master communicator. He would literally walk people into an understanding without them having to accept it or apply it to themselves while he was speaking. However, when he was done, "Those who had ears, or those who's humility allowed them to understand" those people heard and received his words.

Jesus is not withholding the truth from some; He isn’t saying that only the smart people will understand and be saved. Some people understand spiritual truth and some do not; some have eyes to see and ears to hear, some do not. In the above verses, and through the use of parables, Jesus is making comment on the spiritual condition of people. Through their understanding, or lack thereof, of the teachings of Jesus, we can easily see who has eyes to see and ears to hear the things of God.

Those who humble themselves and take their eyes and ears off of number one, will hear.

Holy Spirit, Open my eyes to see and my ears to hear. I need to receive from you.


Lynne Taylor said...

hi there. i am interested in your comment that 80% of church plants "fail" ... i'd be really grateful if you could point me to your source as i am currently researching closed church plants in New Zealand. thanks heaps! Lynne

lynne taylor said...

(you can email me lynne (at) baptist (dot) org (dot) nz
thanks :)

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I love reading your daily blogs.
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