Spending March w/ Jesus 3-21-09 "Jesus on Prayer"

Jesus on Prayer

Read Luke 11:1-13
There is just something about my first daughter. That munchkin has me wrapped around her finger. I try so hard to tell her "NO" but it is just so difficult for me. That girl will just hassle me until I say yes. The other day she was begging to sleep in her brothers room. My initial reaction was absolutely not. I had no reason to say no to her, however that was my answer.

She went on and on and on and on, asking and pleading with me to sleep in her brothers room. Sure enough I said yes.

Jesus' point in this passage is to be like the nagging person at the door. Knock until you get what you are asking for. As long as you are aligning your will with the Fathers ask and it will be given.
I must be honest. I pray often but not as persistent as I should. I now a lot of lost people who I believe that if there were o die today would go to hell. That's scary stuff. I have a lot of needs in my own life that I do not pray about. Instead I work hard for them. I need God to show up in my church plant and yet I do not pray as persistent as I should be for it.
Lord, Burn in me a passion for persistence in prayer.

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