Netcast is moving to 2 Services 9am & 11am

Netcast is moving to 2 Services.

After much prayer, planning and discussing; Netcast will be going to two services starting September 22nd. The service times will be 9am and 11am. By committing to launch an additional service, especially with the intent of filling it with new people, this gives us the potential of reaching more people for Jesus than we could with a single service. Simply by adding another option and making more room for visitors, a momentum can be created that we never thought was possible. However, this will take some serious commitment on all of our part. A commitment to plan, a commitment to pray, a commitment to give, and a commitment to serve and a commitment to grow in our unity as a body and a mature as worshipers of Jesus. If our volunteers are unable to increase in number and involvement, then our dreams will slowly grind to a halt. However, I truly believe that the road ahead is filled with excitement and adventure for Netcast.

Although this may be a scary thing for us, we will never settle for being a church that is driven by fear. Rather, I pray that we will consistently be driven by faith.