Spending March w/ Jesus 3-17-09 "Jesus settles accounts"

Being married young and having a bunch of Christian friends who wanted to wait until their wedding night, I have gotten this question a lot. "So, what's it like?" The big question, that everyone wants to know in our sex saturated culture is "What's it like? I remember a couple of years ago a buddy of mine was going to get married and he hadn't even kidded his girl in months. He was about to stand before God and others and enter into a covenant with his wife like non-other. He would then go on his honeymoon with her and experience all the enjoyments that God desires that we enjoy with our spouses. However, right before he left he pulled me to the side and asked me two questions.

1. What sex like? Do you have any pointers?
2. Whats marriage like?

I remember telling him.

1. Sex will be overrated, and over before you notice you started.
2. Marriage will be beautiful which will make the sex better.

Now...all my married people say AMEN.

In This passage of scripture Jesus has people asking him the same question. "What is it like?" Except in his day they weren't asking about sex, but instead the Kingdom of Heaven. I dream of the day where our culture begins to wonder about that very question? "What is the kingdom of heaven like?"

Here is Jesus' answer: Matthew 18:23 "Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants."

Today I was in my front yard talking to my neighbor who had a very frustrating background pertaining to Christianity. Ironically he asked me some questions about my faith, most of which were genuine. After I answered some of his questions, I asked him what he believed a Christian was? his answer went something like this. "Someone who is a good person, you've got to try real hard to be moral and do the right things." Never was there the name Jesus brought up, sin, or salvation. Just rules!

Jesus said it perfect. "The Kingdom is our King wanting to settle accounts with his people." We rebel against God everyday and shake our fists in his face. Instead of making us a slave to him and working us to death, he stepped down onto earth in order to settle accounts with us. Its called Atonement. Its a beautiful thing.

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