Spending March w/ Jesus 3-25-09 "Jesus is the Only Way."

Durex is the only way to be sure....Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

Read John 14-15

There is nothing that bothers me more than a coach, leader, or teacher who tells us that there is only one way to do something. For years I have been cold calling clients and trying to get into new door to find new opportunities. When I first started calling on clients, I was taught a very scripted approach and was told that it was the only way. Then over time, I learned how to put my own spin on it and give it that Chewning Flavor. Now, I can out do just about anyone when it comes to landing new appointments over the phone. So, Don't give me that one way crap.

That is unless we're talking about Jesus. I hate when Christians and Non-Christians give us that bogus answer about how Jesus is one of many ways to receive eternal like. Not true. I also do not understand how people with any bit of intelligence can say that Jesus never claimed to be the only way. How is this for offensive? "I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NOBODY GETS TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH ME."

Not to sure what your thinking when you read that, but to me, it seems like Jesus is saying that he is the only way. With a statement like that, Jesus doesn't give us much room to wiggle. Either he is King of the universe or a crazy man. That's the only 2 options we have.

I love Christianity because it is the only religion in the world that is not works based. It never says that in order to receive eternal life or be considered a Christian, you have to do something. It only says if you believe in Jesus you will have eternal life. Much different. Rather than saying that in order to BE, you must DO; it instead says, this is what was DONE, therefore you ARE.
BIG DIFFERENCE. Our only job.......BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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