Spending March w/ Jesus 3-22-09 "Jesus gave me another little girl"

Jesus Gives Gifts
Read James 1:17

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Two years ago today, God gave me a wonderful gift. Ella Grace. She is our second little girl but has many things that make her unique to our family.

When I think of all of the Good things that God has given us; apart from salvation nothing comes close to the gift of my family. I not only have been GIVEN this gift but also have been ENTRUSTED with this gift. God has so richly blessed me with the responsibility of being a daddy to Ella Grace. It is a responsibility that I am excited to take on as well as scared to death to take on.

You are my E-La, my youngest daughter, and are as sweet as a button. I love when you look at me with you huge adorable eyes. You just make me melt. I want you to know that I love you dearly. I promise to always be there for you as long as God allows me. I pray for you daily. I pray not just for your safety but most important for your salvation. When you were born, our pastor, Frank, came to the hospital and prayed over you. Being led by the Spirit of God, this is what he prayed. "That you would be a mouthpiece to your generation, a strong leader who will lead her generation." It brought tears to my eyes. I knew that it was God speaking.

Ella, live into your destiny. God has a bright and beautiful future for you. Please allow me to be the man in your life who approves of you, encourages you, and loves on you; until the day your mommy and I hand you over to your husband. Keep your purity and honor God with your body. I am pleading with you about that one.

Finally, forgive me. I will mess up a lot while raising you. I will abuse the responsibility that God has given me and sin against you. I am human and sinful just like the rest of the world. However, always know that I love you dearly and always will. You are my pumpkin.

Love, Daddy

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