Extravagant Worship

One thing that I am pretty passionate about is that, as a church, we are on the cutting edge of modern day worship music. Lately, I have fallen in love with some older hymns and I don't mind playing older style music, as long as it has flavor that is conducive to the people at our church. I envision Netcast Music to be Christ saturated and focused on the Gospel. With me as the senior pastor, we will be mostly reaching people between the ages of 17-37 years old. The rule of thumb is about 10 years older and younger than the lead guy. Unless God does something very unusual, statistics show that will be the case. Because of that, we will want our music to be engaging to that demographic. Some may disagree and that is OK.

Honestly, in my sin, I am pretty critical of worship sets. I hate bad transitions, a worship leader who feels the need to crack jokes or preach, and the worse is when a leader is more interested in doing a concert than he is of leading God's people. The worship leader is a key player during the corporate gathering. He's responsible for leading the group into an engaging experience with the Lord. That takes preparation and a gifted team. I honestly long for the day at Netcast, where unbelievers come into a worship set and God saves them without a preacher ever saying anything. Where people are healed and set free during a worship set. I long for the day where the presence of God in worship is so thick and real that even the unbelievers wont want to stop. Things like this are happening overseas everyday; why not now?

This is just my opinion and what God has placed on my heart pertaining to corporate worship. I am not saying that it is right, I am only saying that this is my heart. I thank Christ for the churches who are different than what I described above and in no way am I trying to put my preference above anyone else's. You're open to disagree.

Moving (Netcast Update)

Wow, where do I start? Between looking at about 30 properties, Jacob falling down the stairs, lots of headache and lots of tears; we finally signed a lease. We will be moving to Beverly, MA in about 2 weeks. Can you believe it is here? We have been planning this for about 3 years now, and our move day is just around the corner. I wanted to send this out as a thank you to all who have sent us encouraging notes, gifts, funding, and other support. You have no idea how much your friendship has meant to our family.

There is so much to tell but I wont bore you with details. Just know that we are headed out. We are so excited about this transition. We have been receiving emails just about weekly from random people who are interested to know more about what we are doing and the possibility of partnering with us. It is humbling to me to watch God bring all of this together and plant Netcast Church.

Please stay in touch with us and keep up to date. I will be posting things on Facebook, our website and twitter. My goal is to help you share in our progress. I have no idea what the next year holds for our family, but I do know that it exciting to be exactly where God wants us.

Keep in touch,
Matt, Beth and the Kids.