Spending March w/ Jesus 3-11-09 "Jesus is able."

Jesus Overrides Nature and Physics

Read Mark 6:45-56 and Luke 8:22-25

For the past 6 years I have been in the Office Interiors industry and business has been pretty good. I typically deal with a high level sale, working with major players in Corporate America. My job is to go into companies and help them design space so that business flows in a way that is more productive and efficient. In other words, I am directly tied to a companies business objective and am considered to be a key part to helping the business succeed.

In my job there is a lot that I can control. Relationships, Pricing, Products, Space Planning, Process, Time Frame, etc. With that being said, there are a lot of things that I don't control. I cannot control the clients budget, attitude, purchasing process, terms, and final decision.

Over time technology has allowed us to overcome many things. We have walked on the moon (Why? I'm not sure.) , discovered other galaxies (woop-de-doo) , created electricity (Thank God) , built cell phones (I am still confused on how a person can hear me without a wire) , and the i-pod is just amazing to me (What would I do without 7000 songs, 250 movies, 500 podcasts, and pictures; while driving 15 minutes to work everyday?). All that being said, and we still have not found a way to walk on water and dictate weather. That is just crazy to me.

In these passages, Jesus shows us his absolute control over ALL things. Here we are 2000 years after Jesus walks on water and tells a storm to "Go Away" and we have yet to be able to duplicate his effort. Personally I do not think this was by accident. He choose this because we will never be able to do these things. It's a matter of physics and mother nature. Healing people, yeah, we all know people who have seen or experienced the miracle of supernatural healing. But find me a guy who walks on water and shuts up a storm; and I'll probably have a freak out moment.

This is the point. Jesus wants us to know beyond a shadow of doubt that "He is able." Regardless of your situation, "He is able." Regardless of how crazy it seems, "He is able." Regardless of how it looks today, "He is able."

There are a few things that I am praying about right now. In which I need to believe that "He is able." I'll share it with my blogging world.

1. Church Plant. Currently we need to raise a butt load of money to make the move and start the process. We also need some strong and mature people to join us on the journey. I need for God to do this. I can''t do it without him. However, I know that "He is able."

2. My Kids. I know that apart from God drawing my kids to him, they will only rebel. I pray that the Lord will draw my kids close, give them a heart for Jesus, and that they would receive salvation. "He is able."

3. My Marriage. Putting 2 sinful and selfish people under one roof can be very difficult at times. Then add 3 (almost 4) sinful kids to the mix and you got a scary situation. I am praying for God's continued grace over my home. "He is able."

4. Work. I am a full commission sales person and the economy is effecting us. I literally have not made much money in about 4 months. However, activity has picked up and I know that "He is able."

5. My sister-in-law. Her marriage is almost over. She is one of the strongest women of God I know. I have seen her absolutely flourish over the years. She married a good man but he neglected to pursue her and love her they way that he should. I pray that God would have his will in their lives.

6. Family Health. I have a fear that God will take away someone who I love prematurely. I have always carried this, so I am praying that the Lord will keep us safe. "He is able."

Mark 6:49 "But when they saw him walking on the lake, they thought he was a ghost. They cried out in fear."

Luke 8:25 "In fear and amazement they asked one another, "Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him."

Fear is a natural reaction when we realize that we are standing before one who is able to do anything. However, Jesus reaction to those who had fear, was always love. I have to keep that in mind when I think of the infinite power of Christ. I am his child and he loves me more than I love myself.

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*Chewning Momma* said...

You have a fear someone you love will die early? I knew you always said you would die early, now someone else too?! Geeeesh.

I liked this post today. Jesus is able to do far more than we can ever imagine.

I love you