Spending march w/ Jesus 3-6-09 "Jesus the Rebel is Chillin w/ Sinners"

Jesus Chills with Tax Collectors and Sinners.

Read: Matthew 9:9-13

I consider myself a pretty culturally relevant cat; especially for a Christian. I still dress like a kid, talk with a lil slang, and enjoy a good movie or rap song from time to time. I have friends that don't know the Lord. I intentionally play ball without my church folk, try to surround myself with lost people, and am not afraid of going to a local bar to have wings and a drink. Lost people don't scare me, intimidate me, or typically make me feel uncomfortable. Foul language doesn't make me cringe, and I don't get bent out of shape watching MMA fights. I enjoy stand up comedy, but typically don't like "Christian" stand up comedy. To take it even further; my wife went to a gay bar last year and it didn't bother me at all. I like to drive fast and am always getting in trouble for not wearing my seat belt. I like when Beth dresses to show her curves and I love having her lookin sexy when we go on dates together. I'll never ask her to be overly modest like a Mormon, I like when she dresses with a little flavor. I get mad at people and at times use "UN-Christian" language when I am angry. Kinky is not bad, its good within marriage.

I will admit that some of the things that I wrote above will change in years to come. I am young, immature, and sometimes think that I am invincible. Actually my nickname in high school was "Untouchable" Sometimes that mindset comes back and I think that I can conquer the world. At times I live outside of reality and believe that I can be in any situation and come out of the battle without a scratch.

That being said, I am no Jesus. I am not sure if I have ever been as risky as Jesus was or if I ever will be. Then again, I am not sure that I should be; lets face it...I'm not God! People are always using this scripture to make excuses for their behavior or their bad company. Lets just be honest; a lone ranger is a dead ranger. As a nation, our policy is "never leave a man behind." As Christian brothers and sisters, that should be our motto as well.

I love how this text shows that even Jesus was not out trying to save the world by himself. Verse 10 specifically states that Jesus was out with his disciples. He was not alone. Very rarely do you find Jesus alone. The only time I can think of is with the woman at the well. Every other time, he had his boys with him. Jesus demonstrates the importance of surrounding yourself with your peeps who are on the same mission as you. Don't do it alone, you'll lose.

Listen...I am all about trying to save the world. I am planning on moving to an area of the country that is totally against FUNdamental Orthodox Christianity. But I'm not stupid, I'm gonna build an army before I jump into the war.

I am learning the importance of establishing boundaries in my own walk. One boundary to set is this. "Never enter into a war without an Army."

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