Trip to Boston

We just got back from Boston and it was amazing. We had a blast. While out there, it was neat how God began to slowly confirm to us that it was where we belonged.

More importantly, it was a great time for the family. Here is what we got to do durning the week:

1. "Brothers Video Game" I am not sure what the real name of the game was but D called it the brothers game because it was for the guys only. That was until the girls noticed how fun it was and it then had to become the Brothers and Sisters game.

2. "Rock Band" We only played once, but I am a machine at the drums. Well, maybe a machine that was made in the early 1800's and has a hard time staying on pace, but it was still fun. Paul is the freakin man an the guitar. *****Star Power*****

3. "Cook Out" This was fun. We got dome dogs and burgers, a few brews and chilled at the house. Paul's friend Drew came over with his wife and we had some awesome theological conversations. he is kind of Emergent (Emergent Village), and I was able to talk to him about authority of scripture and some highly debatable things like, homosexuality (Romans 1) , truth (Psalm 19), governmental power (Daniel4), Sovereignty of God, etc. It was so awesome.

4. "Youth Group" God opened up an opportunity for me to preach to about 15 youth at the Beverly Church of the Nazarene. 3 kids came to Christ, and God really moved. It was awesome.

5. "Catch Up" We got to spend the night with Cerissa and Erik. Cerissa is Beth's best friend in the whole world. It is beautiful to see them together, Beth just comes alive. It is really neat how God has given them that relationship. It was over a year since we had seen them, so we had a lot of catching up to do. Then we visited ENC and spent some time with my old AD. That was rally neat. She was amazed I how much I have changed over the years; in a good way!!!

6. "Whale Watching" No I do not mean going on the T and making fun of the overweight people. We really went out into the ocean and saw 21 humpback wales. They are 40 ton mammals. We saw one breach which means a 40 ton mammal shoots out of the water and goes 5 feet into the air and belly flops back into the water. That was an amazing experience.

7. "Six Flags" Never have I felt so close to Jesus as when I was going 77 MPG at a 140 degree angle on the Superman Roller Coaster. FREAKIN CRAZY. That was fun. D actually went on his 1st roller coaster and loved it. Poor little Abby was to short.

8. "Saw Momma and Grandpa" One of the major highlights was seeing my Grandfather. He is 89 and in a nursing home. It was really sad to see, probably one of the hardest things for me in a long time. However, it was great to see him, it had been 7 years.

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