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Beth's Cousin has been at Hillsong's college in Sydney for the past year. She has been a part of their worship experiences; to what extent, I do not know. Anyway, Beth shot her an e-mail 3 weeks ago, about our plan to plant. This was her response. It is amazing what God is doing.

I've been thinking A LOT about Bostonand during the thinking parts, I've been prayingand I gotta tell you - what you and Matt are planning on doing is so incredible.I can't even express to you, how awesome it is to see God using you guys itsuch a big way.And even more than that, it's so cool to see how God has planted thisvision in you guys and you're going for it, you're giving it your alland you're doing what God has asked and you're not even hesitating.And even since you've brought this idea up so much has happened with yourfamily, and it's stuff that Satan would be more than happy to use to bringyou down, because he knows that what you guys are doing is going to change somany people, but you guys have just risen above and kept God the focus andpraised Him in the highs and the lows. And I honestly believe that God is goingto bless you guys for that.In saying all that... Honestly, an opportunity this incredible? I don't know how I couldn'tbe apart of it!God's told me from the beginning of this journey to Australia to not planahead because He had something in store for me that I wouldn't be able toplan, and when you asked me to be apart of this church plant with you guys Ijust knew that that was the next step, the next leg of this journey God has gotme on.I've talked to my mom and the leaders I have above me, all of whom Irespect, and everyone I've talked to says they really think this is the nextstep for me.But, more than that... I really feel like I'm getting the okay from God.So, I just wanted to write and tell you officially that I am planning on beingapart of your team and joining you in Boston.I can't even tell you how excited I am about this!I actually think you guys are in Boston right now, so I hope you're havinga good time on your trip and with Paul and Amber!and I hope we get to talk soon, most likely whenever you get home!well, I love you guys and I miss you!also, I just wanted to say thanks for thinking of me in really means a lot.: ) Holly

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