Conversation w/ an Agnostic: Part 2 Revelation


Here I want to discuss the evidence of the bible, and other ways that God chooses to reveal himself to us that points to God revealing himself. When I asked you about your view on the bible, you seemed to think that I was looking for your view on its divinity. That was not the case. The bible's manuscripts have been around for thousands of years, it had withstood more criticism than anything else outside of Jesus himself,. People, countries, and cultures, have gone through incredible lengths to eliminate the bible and still to this day it exists. Beyond that it not just exists but thrives as the number one best seller every year. It has been translated into thousands of languages, and people all over the world claim that "For Them" the book is God speaking to them personally. Because all of what I just wrote is true, the book forces a view. People do not have to say that the bible is inspired or divine but they are forced to hold a view on it. So again, I will ask, what is your view?

There are four major points for proving the credibility of documents. One, was the writer of the document an eyewitness to the events he records or was he at least a contemporary that lived in the same area of the events? Two, were there other independent witnesses to corroborate the evidence? Three, did those witnesses continue to maintain their testimonies until death even to the jeopardy of their lives? Four, were there also hostile witnesses who would have reason not to believe the evidence but still say the events occurred? If all of these four factors are in solid evidence, then reliability becomes very acceptable. With the New Testament documents, we have all four evidences in a firm position for credibility. For more on this you can read
I open this up for conversation.

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