Starr Night at Chili's

Last Monday Beth and I went out to dinner to Chili's with our close friends. We're chillin, taking our time ordering and I strike up a conversation with our waitress. Her name is Starr w/ 2 R's; just to clarify. Anyway, she is this sweet little black (African Americans for you conservatives) college student who goes to NCA&T. I'm asking here we're she's from, how she likes school etc, then I invited her to visit our church. I told her how relevant it is and how all the people are young and she'd love it.

About 10 minutes later she comes back to our table and says the following: "I just feel drawn to you and feel like I can ask you this. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years (Long time, she's only about 21) we live together, we moved out here together. Anyway, he doesn't tell me that he loves me and when I see other couples it makes me want to look elsewhere, is that Bad?" Wow, is this really happening, is my first response in my head.

I quickly got in Pastor role. I told her that obviously that she was being intimate with this by and that it was not Gods will for that to be the case and she does need to be looking somewhere but not another boy. I explained to her that the reason that she was so upset that she wasnt hearing "I love u" from him was that she had put all of herself into making him her source of fulfillment. In this case sexual immorality was the case but not the main sin, that was just fruit of the real sin that was taking place. The real sin was idolatry, she created the boy to be her god. I told her about Jesus and how he always fulfills, always loves, always cares and will always be there.

That was on Monday, on Sunday she showed up at church. She found Beth and I after service to tell us that God totally jacked her up. That night God told here that she was to break up with him. She goes home and breaks up with him that night......CRAZY. Then at church she gets a bible and tells us that she is going to read that book even if it kills her. Now we're going to see here again on Sunday and maybe before then.

Check out her e-mail to us today:
HEY!!! Im sooo glad you wrote me. I accidently deleted Beth's # out of my phone so I went to Daystar's website to try to find u. I wrote Frank an email. BUT... everything is actually great with me. I still live with Leon because I dont have the money to move as soon as I wanted to but the good news is I FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! My roommate and I are supposed to move in at the end of the month so thats great. But, the lady at the apartments said that eveything looks good but we have to get the final approval from the manager on monday.. SO PRAY THAT I GET IT!!!
I haven't started reading my bible yet. I mean I know I could start at the beginning but I was wondering if there is some place else that u could reccommend me starting. I would love to hang out with you guys some time this week end but I have to work in the evening so if yall are doing anything before 5 let me know!!!!

It is so cool to see God at work in the lives of people. I cannot wait to build a church of people looking to be missionaries in their world and we will be able to see this going on all over our city.

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*Austin Mommy* said...

Awesome stuff!!! I could read stories like this about how God is working all day! Keep 'em coming! :) Love you guys!