Barry in a Wheelchair at Walmart

It seems like lately I have been trying to be more sensitive to what God wants me to do in the moment. A few days ago when I was dis-obedient to what God was telling me to do, it really bummed me out.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Walmart and I had Ella in the car and we were waiting for Beth to check out. I could sense that God wanted to do something through me so I drove by the entrance to see what was up. About 3 minutes after being there, Barry, a Walmart employee who was in a wheelchair rolled out with a burger. I saw him pray for his food before eating it. Its crazy how seeing something that simple can really bless me. So I got out of the car to wait for Beth and started talking to him. I asked him why he was in a wheelchair, did he have a family, etc. It turns out that he was in a car accident 14 years ago and he is paralyzed from the chest down. I asked if the Dr's thought he'd walk again, he said "No" but they don't have the ultimate say.

It is neat that God sent me to this man to be blessed and not just bless him. He had a great attitude and I could tell he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Anyway, I told him that I felt that Jesus wanted me to pray for him so I asked him if I could and he kindly accepted. It was pretty neat to stand at the entrance of Walmart with people everywhere and pray for this man in a wheelchair. I can only imagine how the Lord may have decided to use that to encourage other onlookers.

There was no healing, no miracle, he didn't stand up and throw his wheelchair and dance around the streets, but I could tell that there was something deep in my soul that was touched and I feel that Barry felt something similar. David Wilkerson says it best in his famous book, The Cross and the Switchblade, "There is nothing like being led by the Spirit; Nothing"

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