Elevation Church, Charlotte (Conversation)

Today I had the privledge to have an hour long conversation with Larry Brey at Elevation church. I was able to talk to him about my calling to church plant and get a little perspective from him. He seems like a great guy. A couple of things that I walked away with and questions that I need to confirm from myself are listed below. These are things that he said I need to be able to say "Yes" to before committing to be a church planter.

1. Am I called to be a GREAT preacher of the gospel?
2. Will I be one of a kind or just a Copy and Paste church?
3. Do people confirm the anointing of God on me?
4. Are we (Beth and I) willing to make the sacrifice?
5. Am I willing to tell people to either jump on board or get out of my way because we're doing it anyway?

Also, he said I need these things before launch.
1. What are the things that no matter what will you never change your view or values on?
2. You need to have an army of service orientated believers to fight with you.

For those who don't know. Elevation church is a mega church in Charlotte. It was labeled the fastest growing church in 2007. It went from 120 to 4000 people in 18 months. The pastor is only 28. Larry has invited Beth and I to a behind the scenes at Elevation where we would hang out with him and hs team to see how they get things done. That is a major honor.

I am eager to get in my prayer closet to see what is next for us.

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