Friends and Family pop-in.

This past week was so cool. First my Grandparents popped in from NY to visit. They are awesome. My grandparents were the first people in my life who prayed for me. They say that when I was little, they knew how I was being raised from a "Religious" perspective and how the family baggage was effecting me and they would consistently pray for me. I never knew about this until I a few years ago. Then we had our friends from college, Heather and Carlos, come and visit us with their little baby girl. She was so cute. It was so awesome to see them. They are the type of friends that you can go years without seeing them and when you finally get together, it's as if you were never apart. I had a chance to share with them my heart for Boston and what God is doing. They were so encouraging and I will definitely be calling them when it is time to move and invite them on the journey with us. Check Spelling

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