I was dis-obedient to the Holy Spirit....and it Sucks

Today I pulled into McDonald's with a guy that I work with. As I was pulling into my parking spot I noticed 3 guys talking in the parking lot. Immediately the Holy Spirit said "Go Pray with them." It was just about as clear as I have ever heard God verbally speak to me. However, that seemed a little weird. Think about it, am I supposed to just role up and say "God wants me to pray for you"? Anyway, I took 1 step towards them and totally chickened out. I turned around and walked into McDonald's. As I get to the counter and order, God is just convicting me, and he's still telling me to go outside and pray for them. Finally I order and walk out there. It turns out that there was only 1 guy there still. So, I walked up to him and said, "I think that God wants me to pray for you", he said "Your about 3 minutes late. I was sharing the Gospel with 2 guys and they just left." OH MY GOSH........

I was so upset and cannot stop think about what would have happened if this guy was sharing the Gospel with them and I just rolled up and said that God sent me to pray. Think about how the spiritual climate would have sky rocked and I could have been a part of something so cool.

So anyway, I was dis-obedient to the Holy Spirit and it sucks!!!!!!!!!

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*Austin Mommy* said...

Wow - what an expereince. I always wonder if it's really God speaking to me, or are these just my thoughts. It does suck that an amazing opportunity was missed, but maybe there are good things that can be found in this situation. Imagine of you were the guy sharing the gospel with the other two, and you were wondering when they left, was I REALLY supposed to be doing that, or was I just following my own thoughts, or being pushy, etc. Then, someone comes up to you and say they'd like to pray for you. How confirming it must have been for that guy knowing he was being obedient and that God sent someone along to pray for him. Prayer isn't just needed for the "unsaved". We all need to encourage one another on in prayer, also. Plus, now you know that voice of God really was speaking, so next time there should be no doubts, and you can be confident knowing that you are being obedient and not just cray. You have encouraged me, Matt. Thanks for sharing.

Ang :)