We know what we're having (Boy or Girl ???) Read and find out!!

What an awesome time. On Saturday Beth went out all day and left me home with the 3 kiddos. Now normally I don't like spending my entire Saturday away from my wife and alone with the kids (sometimes its hard work) however, Beth let me into a lil secret. She told me that she had a fun night planned for us.
Turns out that my in-laws came by at 6:30 to spend the night and Beth and I were going to spend the night out at a hotel (ou-la-la). When she came home from being out, she mad me hide in a closet so I didn’t see her because she got her hair cut that day. Eventually it was time to leave; the woman was stunning. Oh yeah baby. Hot!!! AND that was just the beginning.

It turns out that she has a night of challenges for me. Here's how this worked:
She had massive amounts of envelopes. She has written a poem and broke the poem down into like 10 pieces. Each was in its own envelope. However for me to get more of the poem, I had to get the challenges correct until the entire poem was revealed. In other envelopes she has like 10 challenges. Pretty creative stuff. The challenges were like; "what would I order for an appetizer?" or "What is the total amount on the bill and you have to be within $1.00?"; another was "Tell me why you love me!" It was fun. So after each challenge, I would get to open up more of the poem. Eventually the poem revealed something to me and I was given a prize.

So after a night of that, eating at Carabbas, going to see a movie ("Marley and Me") btw, if you’re a dude, don’t go see it because your dude status will go down. Not because he movie is bad or too girly; but it will make you cry over a freakin dog. Also, we went to see my boy JonJo play at "The Bistro" in Oak Ridge. Fun stuff. Had a Seasonal Sammy A (yummy) and cheesecake.

Then we ended up at a hotel for the grand sha-band (not sexual). There was a bag with a box in it. Part of what I learned in the poem was that Beth went to "Tiny Toes" which is a (for fun) ultrasound place where they do 3D videos, pictures, tell you the sex, and all kind of cool stuff. Inside the box was an outfit for the baby. Blue - Boy / Pink - Girl. Can you believe that chic put pink tissue paper in that box. That’s crap. I nearly kicked her. BLUE it is!!!!! A boy.

I am very excited about having another "Mighty Man of God" in my house. That’s what Daniel and I call ourselves. Kind of arrogant but its all good.
So, please join me in welcoming Jacob Matthew Chewning to our family.

Bugsy, you did a great job this weekend. U really surprised me. You’re an awesome wifie. Love you boo boo.


dave said...

dude, congrats!! that's awesome bro.

Matt Chewning said...

thanks bro.

Jennifer said...

Beth is so stinking sweet; creative too!