Netcast Update (our new website)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to drop you all a note about where we currently are at with our church plant. Currently we are talking with Daystar Christian Fellowship, our home church, about how they will sponsor us. This past week we received our first donation, which was a total act of the Lord. We never asked for money and this couple felt the Lord put it on their hearts to give. I also just finalized my personality test for the Acts 29 network. It came back positive....I have a personality. haha.

The latest news is that we currently have a temporary website up and running. On it you can find detailed information about who we are, our time-line, the city we will be moving to and more. Please take 2 minutes and go and check it out at

As we get closer to moving, my brother-in-law has donated his services to build us a full website. We're very excited about that.

Thanks for keeping up with us.

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