Our Small Group

Just 4 weeks into it our new small group and God is already beginning to change the lives of people in our little community. It is just beautiful. We have such a mixed crowd. You name it and their in there; all of us are at different levels with our maturity, belief, trust, doubt, etc. Although that s true, it s also a beautiful testimony of how the body is to come together to edify each other and push each other towards Christlikeness.

There is to way to much to tell through just a blog; but I wanted to just share that God is showing up in huge ways. I will give you one little example. Yesterday after our group was over, Mike (A guy who by his own admission has major doubts) pulled me to the side and said this. "Matt, I want to thank you for this group. I have been at Daystar for years now and have never felt so comfortable to share where I am honestly at with the Lord. I have just learned so much these past 2 weeks about the Lord, all due to this group. Thank You." I was pretty much blown away. He went on to explain to me that he felt for so long that he had to pretend to be somewhere spiritually that he wasn't so that he could fit into his previous small groups. Last week we talked about Progressive Sanctification and it really touched him. He was able to see that it is OK where he is at because God is progressively working in him.

Yesterday we talked about what it meant to be a Christian. Sounds basic but you would be absolutely blown away at how many people in our group unintentionally talked about how being a Christian meant to "Try Harder". It was beautiful to take them to 1 Cor 15 and unpack the Gospel with them. I literally felt them sigh a sigh of relief as God was teaching them to rest their lives in the hands of his sovereign work. That they didn't have to try at all but instead pursue the Lord with all of their Heart Soul and Mind. It was just so God Saturated. People were writing scripture referenced down so they could go home and read for themselves. It was awesome.

I had a chance to explain the doctrine of Justification and Regeneration to them as I could see them becoming enlightened by the Lord as their perceptions of Him began to change.

I took a lot away from our meeting yesterday but this stood out the most. Rather than harp on our struggles and the do's and don'ts. Lets point our groups to the Glory of Christ and allow God to do the rest. It really does work. (who woulda thought; haha)

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