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On Sunday I got a call from my mother-in-law. She told me to come over because she wanted to talk. Now for any of you out there with a mother-in-law you know that this can go only 1 of 2 ways. You did something wrong and your about to get the smack down of your life or you are did something right and are about to get some major brownie points.

Anyway, I got to the house and right off the bat I could tell that something was serious. We sat at the table and she started in. She began to ask questions about the church plant in Boston. Why Boston? Why now? etc etc.

Let me give you a little background: For the past 9 years Steve (Father-in-law) has been a guy who has played a major role in my walk. He has indirectly taught me how to serve Beth, he has indirectly taught me the importance of humility, as well as the importance of standing firm on the Word of God regardless of feelings. For that I am blessed. However for the past 2-3 years as God began to call us to move and plant, Beth and I would tremble at the thought of not having them with us. So, I have been practically pleading with them to move and be a part of the church plant. On my Birthday 12/2/08; God spoke to me very clearly that they were supposed to move with us; however I felt I heard just as clear that it was possible that although God would say to Go, that they would not. (Don't act like you do everything that God tells you to do.) From their perspective, this would be a very risky and make no sense.

Here is why:
1. They have been in ministry for 30 years and have not build much of a retirement. Moving would probably mean selling their house and losing their main investment.
2. After years of financial struggle; God has blessed them with a dream home in NC and great jobs that provide them well.
3. They are older than us and the older you get the less risk most people are willing to take.
4. Our church will be very different than what they have typically been a part of.
5. Steve has been a senior lead pastor for 20+ years. Now he would be playing a support role for a guy 30 years younger than he is.

6. There is no guaranteed money involved. We are to like Abram, stand firm on the promise of God and allow him to do the impossible.

Anyway: On Sunday at church; God spoke. He clearly communicated to Karen that they are to move. Her natural reaction has been to fight this because of how uncomfortable it will make life for them. However, on Sunday, she submitted to the Lord and has decided to move forward with being a part of a Church Plant in Greater Boston.

I will close with a statement that Karen made to me with tears streaming down her face while explaining what God had spoken to her. "Matt, I know that although being in the center of where God wants us is not the safest place to be; it is always the most beautiful place to be."

Come On Now; that's good stuff!!!

If you wouldn't mind. Leave a quick comment for both Karen and Steve on the is blog. I will then forward those comments to them. This is a great opportunity to commend those who are willing to take a risk and follow the voice of God. To many people in today's christian culture shrink at the thought of trusting in Christ when the odds are against them. (Me included)


dave said...

hey man, you are really fortunate to have such supportive in-laws (as am i). that's great stuff bro.

Craig said...

What an amazing family you have Matt. Both young and old, willing to step out in faith and move when God calls. If you all continue to listen and do what God calls you to, your church is going to do something powerful in Boston. God bless.

Dmclean said...

I have never read a blog before.
I am so glad that I did read this one.
I have been uplifted by it.
I can feel Jesus!

Jen said...

So excited for you, Steve and Karen! God will bless obedience always,and you now have a great adventure in front of you. You will bring a much needed perspective to this church plant, with the maturity and experience you bring. I'm convinced we need the "older teaching the younger" what it's all about! (Titus 2) We will miss seeing you, but know God has big thing in store for your family, and you get to take a front row seat! (I'm jealous!) Love you all. Jen