Acts 29 Assessment (I had my 1 on 1 phone assessment yesterday)

Yesterday I had a two hour 1 on 1 with the Director of Church Planting at Acts 29. So far I have gone though the entire application process and this was the first part of the actual assessment. It was very in depth and detailed.

Acts 29 focuses on 6 areas; The Church Plant, Theology, Family, Calling, Entrepreneurial ability and Confidential (addictions, background, finances, etc.) They ask questions like; Explain the gospel from a Theological view? What is your stance on predestination? How do you pastor your wife and kids? Why are you called? Do you feel like you would be in sin if you didn't plant? Who has influenced you? Why Boston? What is your weaknesses? How do you strive for humility? and LOTS MORE!!

Overall, the conversation went great. I really felt like God had been preparing me for the interview for the last 2 years. I felt that I was able to communicate clearly what God was calling us to do. I felt that my life/beliefs/skills/personality/abilities are all in line with what they are looking to support.

Acts 29 is a Church Planting Network that provides Theological training, mentoring, coaching, accountability, funding, and opens you up to their network if you are accepted. I think it is important to note that they are the best in the country with a 100% success rate. To understand how amazing that is, you will have to know this little fact. In America, 80% of all church plants fail within the first year. So, to have a 100% success rate in all of their years of being established, shows how the hand of God is resting on them. Another interesting fact is that there has never been 1 known instance of infidelity or adultery of an Acts 29 Lead Pastor. In a world where stats tell us that 50% of pastors have confessed of having "indecent relationships" with someone other than their spouse; that is another outstanding fact. If your interested in learning more go to

I feel so blessed today. I have a beautiful wife who is my best friend. She has walked along side of me though all of this. God has called us to a very difficult task and she seems to complain less than I do. I just felt it necessary to share that. If it were not for her, I would not be in the position that I am in today. She has taught me humility, servant leadership, and most importantly love. Above all the things that God has given me through the years, she stands far above everything else.


*Austin Mommy* said...

Very cool. Jon and I are really excited to see what God has in store for you guys in Boston. Our prayers are with you.

Jennifer said...

I am SO excited to watch the Chewning's journey to build Netcast! I hope that we're able to be a part of this wonderful act.