Why did they Leave?

In New York, a vast majority of the culture was totally unchurched or Catholic with baggage. What are 20 - 30 something people who are not in church saying is their reason for leaving church? Unless someone moves into the area from an unchurched region, I'm finding most people in this area either go to church or made their children go until they were a certain age. Is this what you see as well?

1. In response to this question, the reasons why most 20-30 somethings would leave church upon High school graduation, from reading some things and talking to some people, I have found that most of those people never truly encountered God in a real authentic and personal way during their years in church. Furthermore they rarely ever saw God as being relevant. In the generation before mine, there seemed to be an underlying understanding and fundamental respect for things such as "Truth", "Jesus", an "Inspired Bible", etc. Today we are dealing with a group of people that ask many questions. So my question to you is this.......how can we become culturally liberal and theologically conservative in order to reach these people with Jesus? I would love to hear your thoughts on this?

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