What is a generation?

The more I think about a church trying to reach the 20-30 year olds, because that is the "generation" that we are missing, the more God is convicting me. All throughout the bible, a generation was not an age group, but instead "The people who were living on earth at that perticular time" So I am a little uncomfortable with trying to gear a church towards an age group rather than towards "the people who are here on earth now, while strategically targeting the masses which are 18-40 year olds." That statement may seem that I am all about numbers, which I am not, I am more concerned about the health of a church, creating a church that is missional and reaching people for Jesus. Numbers on the other hand is extremely important and I think God feels the same way....every number is a eternal soul, there is a book called Numbers, God desired ALL to be saved (1 Tim2:3-4) therefore we should count peopel because people count.

Can you tell me your thoughts on this entire paragraph?

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