Religion is the enemy

It seems that in our area, most people have grown up in church and are what I would call "Religious" I would also state that the #1 enemy to Jesus right now is "Religion" as Greg Laurie stated, "religion will send more people to hell than, sex, drugs, and rock&roll." Why is this? Because Religion is Christianity without a relationship with Christ. (That seems like and oxymoron) Religion says "because I am a Christian I do _____(whatever) or because I am a Christian I don't do _____(whatever)" but Jesus says "you are a Christian because of what I have done" Religious people,do,do or don't, don't, don't.....but Jesus says DONE" I love Revelations 21:5...its a great verse, look it up when you get a chance.

I also think that the church, in general, has done a good job of preaching religion and a poor job of preaching Christ. I'll give you an example...when I first got saved, it seemed that I had 750,000 Christian rules to follow...Go to church, read your Bible, respect authority, don't smoke, don't get tattoos, no sex porn or masturbation, no music with get the gist. The sad thing is that nobody taught me how to Pray, nobody truly explained the divine importance of Scripture, nobody taught me how to encounter God in a quiet place, nobody taught me about the importance of biblical accountability and relationships, or what it means to truly love my wife without loving her because I am supposed to. But hey, I sure did have the rules down. (we are not under law but under grace) And I think that this is the underlying reason why our culture is running from the church, its because we don't like rules. So instead of giving them rules, we need to figure out how to give them Jesus, with the understanding that when they have Jesus, all the rest will fall into place.

Am I way off on this?

Can someone elaborate on this?

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