"Intentional Influence" Who are we allowing to influence our lives?

The single most important thing in my life, over the past 2 years, has been who I intentionally allow to influence me. If I surround myself with people who have the same skill set, the same amount or less experience than I do, the same passions, the same knowledge, the same convictions, etc....then I limit my ability for God to teach me.

Currently I have an accountability partner who struggles with things that I am strong in and I struggle in things the he is strong in, this allows stern correction, strategic guidance, and honest prayer. Also, I have 3 people who I consider mentors all in which are people who I could call on any given day for any particular reason. All three of these people have different strengths, minor theological differences, gift sets, etc. I think that the more I broaden myself, the more God works in me.

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Buddy said...

Matt...I think that you make a great point. I am one of 5 in an new elder-led church plant in Texas. I have served as a missionary and pastor in the past in a much more traditional model. But never have I been so stretched since I answered the call to be one on this team of elders. We are all so very different, but God is using the diverstiy to really cause each of us to grow individually and collectively. I think your decision to involve yourself with those who are different is very wise.