Church Plant Name

Hi Everyone, I wanted to start a small dialog.

I have a vision to start a church plant one day, probably within the next 2 or 3 years is when we would launch. In the mean time, there is still a lot of preperation. Leadership team, mission, location, etc. Anyway, I think God gave me a church name and I wanted your thoughts.

"Netcast Community Church"

It comes out of Matthew 4 where Peter is casting his nets to catch fish and Jesus rolls up and says, I'll make you fisher of men. It seems that too many churches, especially in America, are aquarium attendants and are watching fish (Christians) jumping from one bowl to the other. They'll build their church on other church members. This church's mission is to catch new fish and build a tank. Our slogan, "We do church for people who dont do church."

What do you think about the name?
What do you think about the idea?

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Ang said...

Jon and I had thought about your name, and LOVE the idea of it. Don't be offended by the suggestion of another name, though it is similar. For some reason Netcast wasn't "ringing right" in my head, so I thought for awhile and thought maybe something like "Network" Community Church. It's kind of double meaning - because we (you, I guess - don't want to jump the gun by saying "us") would be literally networking, as the term means, but also "working the net" that God calls us to cast out. Does that make any sense. I'm terrible at explaining things. So, just a thought. We're super excited for your vision!!