Wow; What a great LAUNCH!!!

I just need to send out a note to let everyone know how excited I am about what is going on. First, it was amazing to see how our team worked together to set up for the service. Everyone worked so hard and did such a great job with setup and tear down. This church would not be remotely possible without our core team's faithfulness and dedication to teh Gospel and seeing Netcast do something special. Praise Christ that our team is believing God for huge things.

Second; We had to keep adding rows and rows as people flooded in? I was told that there was a total of 120 people who visited with us today. That is way more than we ever expected. Some of those people were "well wishers", but most of them weren't. God is adding to our numbers daily.

Third; I have already gotten emails or text messages from many people who were impacted today. More than numbers or anything else, it is most exciting to see God working in the hearts of people. All of this would be worthless if we weren't drawing closer to Jesus as he continues to reveal himself to us.

Our pursuit of Christ doesn't end when a service ends; The service is a chance to worship Christ for all he has done and celebrate with each-other what God is up to. We did that today!

I will send out another update later this week. I love you all more than you know.

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Anonymous said...

So proud of you and your team! God has amazing things in store for NetCast, and He will reward your faithfulness.