1 Week Until the Netcast Public Launch

It's now been almost 4 years since I started having literal dreams of planting a church in Greater Boston. I still can remember it like yesterday, the dream came 5 nights in a row and we were outside setting up for a service in Boston Commons. Having not yet told my wife about the dreams I'd been having, on the 5th night, before I laid down to go to bed, I asked Beth, "If God were going to call us to plant a church, where do you think He'd tell us to go?" without hesitation she said, "Greater Boston."

Last night, what once was a dream began to slowly look like a reality as we began to do a mock setup of our public launch. Now, I want to stop quickly and acknowledge the fact that we have not arrived at anything yet. We know that "The Church" is not a group of people who sit within four walls on a Sunday to hear a sermon and then go about their usual week. Rather the church is a group of people in which Christ has paid the penalty for their sin, imparted the Holy Spirit and now those people seek to glorify God through their changed life. Isn't that good news?

That being said, we at Netcast will celebrate every win just like we have ever since we got here. Last night was a win. 16 adults and another 12 children gathered together to unload chairs, set up, clean a closet, eat together, pray and dare to dream of what Christ may do through them as a team wholly submitted to Him.

Join us in fasting and praying for Netcast Church to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit this coming up Sunday as we gather to worship Jesus. If you're around, come and join us as we celebrate what Christ has done. For details check out www.netcastchurch.org

Matt Chewning
Netcast Church - Lead Pastor
netcastchurch.org matt@netcastchurch.org

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