To My Acts 29 Gospel Partners

Just wanted to give everyone an update that Netcast will be launching this Sunday. Please take a second and pray for us. We have only been in our city for 5 months and have outgrown our home. The local YMCA has given us a free gym to use for worship. Out team is growing fast and they are owning their responsibilities. In just 5 months, so much has been happening. College students are maturing, reading their bibles, breaking up with their unbelieving partners, etc. We have seen marriages that were once almost over, now thriving. Our core is looking more like family than friends as we serve one another, love one another, and own this church plant together. I already have my eye on our first potential church planter. I can go on and on with what we are seeing the Lord do.

Join me in praising Christ in this time of blessing and that He will be glorified as we gather for worship on Sunday. We are in a difficult area. Greater Boston is one of the hardest places to reach; but Christ is building His church. Bless his name.

I love you all; more than you know. The A29 partnership with us in this journey has been incredible. Special thanks to Jan V, David P and Bland M. I praise God for our brotherhood.

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matt & laurel said...

Awesome! Praying for you @ 7Mile Road.