Netcast Church (Launch Update)

At this point I think that it is easy to say that we are all in awe of what God is doing here in Greater Boston. We are clearly wrapped up in something much bigger than we ever would have imagined. Our great God, by his Power, Might, and Grace; is doing something that I have never seen done before. Our goal has become less of "Plant Netcast Church" and is becoming more of "Keep up with the Lord because He is moving fast."

As most of you have been following, Beth and I got here only 4 months ago to plant the gospel in Greater Boston, starting in Beverly MA with the hopes of seeing 100 churches planted in Greater Boston in 40 years. We started with a "Vision Meeting" in our living room and then began to build a team. After a few meetings we realized that this is moving faster than we expected and originally desired. We out-grew our home in only a couple of months and just had our first Sunday Service.

This church would not be remotely possible without the incredible people who have journeyed with us along the way for almost 4 years. We are seeing the fruit of your faithfulness everyday as people are being broken of sin and falling in love with Jesus. Disciples are being made and God is using people like you and me. On Sunday; We had to keep adding rows and rows as people flooded in? I was told that there was a total of 120 adults and children who visited. We only set out 70 chairs, so that is way more than we ever expected. Some of those people were "well wishers", but most of them weren't. The majority of the people were from our community and Christ is adding to our numbers daily.

I have already gotten emails and messages from many people. People want to be baptized, people re-dedicated their lives to Jesus, others want to get plugged into a small group and some more want to partner with us. More than numbers or anything else, it is most exciting to see God working in the hearts of people. All of this would be worthless if we weren't drawing closer to Jesus as he continues to reveal himself to us.

Please know that your financial support and prayer support has gone further than any of us could have dreamed. Continue to pray for us as we work towards assimilating some of this. Please also pray that we pursue humility and never take any credit for what is happening. Pride got Lucifer kicked out of heaven and it is the same temptation that we face everyday. Our desire is not to grow a huge church, our desire is to reach as many people as possible with the life changing message of the gospel. God gets all the glory and praise. Bless his name. He is worthy.

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I love you more than you know.

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Mindy said...

I am excited to see God moving in your lives! God Bless