Wesleyan/Holiness Camp to Reformed Movement

Thoughts from a friend who has grown up with major inflence from the Wesleyan camp and now is a part of the Reformed movement.


As I think about the reformed position, it seems to me the issue has more to do with how Wesleyans and Reformed Christians view sin. Growing up, I was taught that ALL sin separates us from God and is cause for judgment. Therefore, we must live HOLY SINLESS lives. This makes it difficult for folks in this tradition to acknowledge sin in their lives because to do so would, for them, would mean their salvation is in jeopardy. It also creates enormous confusion because we all know we are not perfect. So many struggle honestly with what Christian Perfection looks like. Terms like, carnality and living in the flesh were substituted for a believers faults.

The Reformed Christians don't seem to struggle with this simply because they can acknowledge their sin is covered by the blood of Christ. (THE GOSPEL) They understand this doesn't mean "we go on sinning so that grace my increase" but see it as working out our salvation with fear and trembling. Since my sin is not counted against me, I'm more free to confess it and be healed. Obviously, my sin will hurt me and others. Certainly unconfessed sin is the most damaging, but true believers, in the reformed camp, don't see Christs work on the cross STOPPING as a result of their sin.

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