Final Update from Greensboro, NC

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give an update to everyone on what the latest news is with Netcast Church. This is probably the last email that I will be sending out from Greensboro, as we are all set to move in the beginning of August. The past month we have seen some unbelievable things pertaining to the church plant. We have had an amazing family commit to fund 1/2 of our 1st years budget and we have found a home on the North Shore of Boston. Beth and I spent a week in Boston last month, preaching and finishing up the assessment with the North American Mission Board.

In all, Beth and I are doing well emotionally. We are excited to get moved and settled in. Beth is excited to get the kids all set up for school as this is Abby's first year in public school and Daniel will be in 1st grade.

Please keep us in yoru prayers as we give our lives to spreading the wonderful news of Christ to the Greater Boston area. I would recommend that you check out where we have 9 video's in which we answer some of the main questions that Bostonians are asking us. The questions were polled from non-church people on the North Shore. Enjoy.

To Christ be all credit and glory.
Matt Chewning
Lead Pastor of Netcast Church

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