"Confessions of a Pastor" Q&A Video Series

So Far we have 11 video's online at http://www.netcastchurch.org/#/video-and-media

In this video series called "Confessions of a Pastor" we take some of the top questions that we have been asked from people in Greater Boston, and seek to answer them. The questions are:

1. Can you trust the bible?
2. Why are Christians such hypocrites?
3. Is sex a bad thing?
4. What is sin?
5. What do I do to become a Christian?
6. Why do churches want my money?
7. Why another church in the Boston area?
8. What? No sex outside of marriage?
9. Who is this dude, Jesus?
10. Does God hate some of us?
11. Why do Christians think they're better than everyone else

Check it out. http://www.netcastchurch.org/#/video-and-media

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