Netcast Church Update

Hi Everyone,

Wow, God is moving in an awesome way. I will say that raising money during the recession is a little crazy. While I would have never planned to do fund raising during the worst economy since the depression; God thought it would be a good idea. Here are a couple of updates.

1. We received our first check as a church plant over $5,000. It actually came from a team member who will be moving with us. The faithfulness and maturity of this individual is mind blowing, especially at barely over 20 years old. It was actually a total of $7,600. Praise God for providing.

2. I got an e-mail from Joe Polson who is a young man from Charlotte hat found us on the web. We have never met and had only 1 phone conversation together. He feels called to church planting and is praying about moving to Boston with Netcast Church. Only a huge God brings a random unity like that. Just recently he felt the Lord encouraging him to give part of his tithe to Netcast Church. Again, this young man's maturity at 23 years old is crazy.

3. Last month I had an opportunity to go to an event in Raleigh. It was an after hours gathering of the leaders and speakers from the Advance 09 Conference with guys like Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Danny Akin, Eric Mason, and many others. I was able to rub shoulders with some giants of the faith and learned a ton from my conversations with them. You can get the podcasted sessions from the conference at the Resurgence link on Itunes.

If you would be willing to send us a 1 time gift that will be put towards the matching contribution of a local businessman, please reply to this post with with your address. I will send you a pre-stamped return envelope so all you have to do is throw in a check and pop it in the mail. As long as the check is over $1 it would be a profit for us. We will take a gift of ANY amount. Remember it is all tax deductible. I really need your help in raising $20K in order to receive the full amount of the contribution.

Thank you all for being a friend to us and partnering with us as we are in this journey. Be praying for me, Beth, our kids, and the Netcast Team. Satan wants to steal our joy, kill our dreams and destroy God's work in us. Pray that we will stand like Ephesians 6 tells us to.

Check out if you haven't yet.

Matt C

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