Missional Strategy Interview: Stephen Wagner

* how did you come to an understanding of the culture you were called to and how have you been bringing the gospel into the culture (what strategies)?

1. Intentionally engage your culture. In order to understand your culture, you have to live where they live, eat where they eat, travel how they travel, and play where they play. 2. Go where the people you want to reach are. Their park, bus, mall, movie theater, restaurants. 3. You first have to understand the people who you seek to reach. You can't be on mission to reach a culture you don’t know.

* how has God reshaped your theology/thinking to make you more missional (theological growth question)?
1. Live out the gospel message in your own life so that when it is time to help shape others, your not faking it.

* if you were to restart your church plant to be more missional what would you do (practical question)?

1. Write down examples of your own life when you were living out the mission and saw success. Keep that in front of you and in a format to be able to easily disperse it among people who may need it. Keep examples of how you were able to bridge the gospel in all sorts of categories. (at a ball game, at a public park, on a train or bus, in the gym, etc. 2. Train your team to engage with purpose.

Missional Strategy Interview: Stephen Wagner - Lead Pastor 1.21 Church

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