Missional Strategy Interview: Terry Gyger

* how did you come to an understanding of the culture you were called to and how have you been bringing the gospel into the culture (what strategies)?

I completely understood the culture in Miami and Buckhead/Atlanta. I completely misread the culture in Cambridge. It took me 18 months of discouraging work to figure this out. We basically had to bring the gospel through personal relationships and meeting needs. A very secular place, environment.
* how has God reshaped your theology/thinking to make you more missional (theological growth question)?

Interacting with other church planters who understand the multidimensional nature of the gospel and kingdom.Interacting with Tim Keller over the years. Wide reading and study of the scriptures.

* if you were to restart your church plant to be more missional what would you do (practical question)?

1. Pray more and consistently and spend high quality time recruiting and training people to prayer. John Smed in Vancouver is a good resource. 2. Finding creative ways, mercy, creative arts etc to build friendships in the community and teaching people to do this. 3. Innovative ways of building half way houses, creative first steps in interesting people in the gospel

* how have you grown people to missional maturity (discipleship strategy)?

I did better in Miami and Atlanta, poorer in Cambridge. To do it again in Cam, I would select potential leaders, spend time in study interactive times, mentoring.

* how have you helped men to become missional in their marriages, families and professions

Same as above

* what has been your strategy to evangelize lost people?

Building community, relationships, half way events, like Redeemer’s “Open Forum.” Alfa courses.

Interview with Terry Gyger @ Redeemer

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