Missional Strategy Interview: Michael Keller

* how did you come to an understanding of the culture you were called to and how have you been bringing the gospel into the culture (what strategies)?

1. First you have to answer this question: "If your a happy pagan, why should you feel the need to go to church?" 2. One of the ways we brought the gospel to the culture is by making everything explainable. In order to be effective we had to lose the religious language and define meanings rather than assume people know the lingo. 3. Put together intellectual presentations in a way that is easy to understand. In an area like Boston, education is important, therefore, it is also important to present Gospel truths in intellectual ways. 4. One way to get a cultural temperature is by asking non-church people questions. Ask random people random questions that will help me understand their thought process. 5. Explain the gospel in terms of freedom. Keep in mind that although lost people feel free, they are really addicted and in bondage. 6. IMPORTANT: The main issue is unbelief. The reason why Christians and Non-Christians rebel is because of unbelief. Unbelief if the meeting ground where both Christians and non-Christians are on the same playing field.

* if you were to restart your church plant to be more missional what would you do (practical question)?
1. Be a church plant with a plan of planting a sister church within three years. 3. Never let a fear of losing people hinder your advancement of moving the Kingdom forward. Make Kingdom decisions and not decisions that will sustain the life of our church plant. 2. Be intentional of raising leaders within your church to do the ministry. 4. Possibly have a potential church planter involved from the beginning.

* how have you grown people to missional maturity (discipleship strategy)?

1. From the beginning, have a focus on the entire community and not just your church plant. 2. Emphasize the importance of Christians living as an ambassador at their jobs. Training people that their main mission field is where they spend most of their day which is typically at work. 3. Fight the typically process of someone becoming a Christian and ditching all of their non-believing friends. Never let the non-believing friend fall away from the friendship. 4. All believers should have at least 5 non-believing friends who they are living in relationship with in order to show them the gospel through their life.

* how have you helped men to become missional in their marriages, families and professions
1. Hard question to answer. Rebel against the mainstream culture of "boys will be boys" and hold men accountable.

* what has been your strategy to evangelize lost people?

1. Evangelize Christians and non-Christians the same. The gospel fights against those who think they are in good standing with God because of their morality and the gospel fights against sin by bringing forgiveness and freedom. 2. Paganism is a sin just as much as salvation through religion is a sin. People need to repent of both. 3. Life Evangelism is the way to reach people. People need to be seen living out the gospel with the fruit of the gospel being evident in their life.

Notes from Interview with Michael Keller @ Redeemer in NYC College Ministry

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