Cool Praise. God hooked up my Volvo S80

So I'm coming home 2 days ago from an appointment about 45 minutes away from my house. While on the highway, I hear a nice sized smack while going about 60 MPH. I look in my rear view and it looked like I either ran over something or someone threw a show at my car. I blow it off as if it were nothing.

That is until I get home. When I got home, the entire front parking light from my Volvo S80 is missing. I guess the things just decided it was time to leave and find something else to do with its life.

I must say that I was pretty bummed. I don't have the best car in the world, its got a lot of miles and the sun-roof has sopped working; No to mention that I had a similar experience happen with my gas cover last year. Things just seem to like to fly off of my car for no apparent reason.

Then something cool happens. I got a call from a a company that was looking for some some office furniture to furnish 3 offices that they just built. On their way into their office, the walk past my car and I notice them looking at my headlight. Pretty embarrassed, I acted like it wasn't my car. After they come in, we get the talking and they own Tri-City Auto Salvage. Nonetheless, I get an e-mail from the owner who says "I got a 99 Volvo S80 Front Left Parking Light for you, should be delivered in a week. No Charge!"

Praise God who will provide even parking lights. Whats the freakin chance of that?


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