Twitter the Gospel in 140 Characters.

There is a challenge going around out there in the "Blogging / Twitter" world with this as it's topic.

"In 140 characters, how can you twitter the gospel?"

I guess you can only use 140 characters on twitter. I am about to take a stab at it and then explain it. I know that I have a decent amount of people who read the blog so I would love some other people to take a stab at it. It'd be a pretty cool exercise.

Attempt 1
"The Gospel is that God saves Sinners." - JI Packer

Attempt 2
"The Gospel, is that Christ died for our sins according to Scripture, he was buried, and he was raised on the 3rd day. Look and believe." (1 Cor 15 & John 3)

Not sure if we can come up with anything more basic and true than either one of those 2 statements. In essence these are both very practical and basic, but profoundly theological.

1. Deep down, we all have a sense of our own sin. Nobody needs to convince us (believer or un-believer) that we have sin in our lives.

2. A high majority of people believe that there is a God somewhere who is personal. That God is capable of anything.

3. 97% of human population know about Jesus and the effects of the cross. (Much less people believe)

4. Theologically it is God who saves us from our sin by faith through Christ alone. Not our morality or actions.

5. God does all the work including giving us the grace and faith in order to accept his grace by faith.

6. The Gospel is received through belief. No added verb is needed. Christ's work was finished on the cross and nothing needs to be added to it. Works is a fruit of the belief; not anything else.

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