Judas the Betrayer

Read Luke 9

Have you ever wondered about Judas the betrayer? Recently I have. It is crazy when I think about all that he did while he was with Jesus. When you read Luke 9, you will see that Jesus sent him out to preach the good news about Him. He gave Judas power and authority to heal and cast out demons. Judas was sent to be a specific messenger about the Gospel of Christ. That is just crazy to me.

The other thing that is crazy is that Jesus, being fully God and all knowing, prayed to the Father all night when he was picking out the 12 disciples. In other words, he prayed all night to the Father about who to choose and went through great lengths to make sure that Judas was a part of his 12, while knowing full well that he would betray him and hand him over to be crucified for some silver.

How can this be? Jesus literally set himself up to be betrayed and killed.

This just shows the absolute glory of Christ. He was determined to save his people, regardless of the cost. Like the scripture says, he was willing to go through death, even death on a cross. Our God is great. Yet, while we were still sinners and rebelling against God, Christ willingly went to the cross to die so that we may live. That is an awesome testimony of the love, knowledge, sacrifice and glory of Christ.

Do you love him today? I do!

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