Worship is a Lifestyle

Romans 11:36 – 12:1 To him (Jesus) be the GLORY forever! Amen.Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to OFFER (or DEDICATE) your bodies as living SACRAFICES, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship.

Worship is by biblical definition, Glory, Dedication, and Sacrifice. Glory: What person or thing drives your decisions? What do you value or honor the most? What makes you happy or sad? Where do you go for comfort? Where do you go to find your identity? Dedication: Where the T-shirt, talk about, on your Myspace / Facebook page, music you list to? Sacrifice: Where does your time, energy, money, resources go?

Church is not the only place you can experience worship.....
My goal is to answer the question “is worship a gathered event or a scattered lifestyle?”To answer this question I think we are required to look at a PERSON or MAN who is by far the greatest worshipper to ever walk the planet. Noticed I said man or person and not God. I think that in order to understand how great of a worshipper Jesus was, we first have to recognize him as he truly is. 100% God as well as 100% man.
Human attributes:
Human Birth: Born of Mary.Human Upbringing: Wasn’t born a man.
Human Mind: Increased in Wisdom. (Studied and Learned)
Human Emotions: Wept over city and friends. Was happy, sad, angry.
Human Body: Bled, Thirst, Hunger, Pain.
Was known to everyone as Human: Carpenters son, looked human.Jesus’ entire life was in full worship of God the Father.

Every area of Jesus’s life had God as Glory, he constantly Dedicated himself to God the Father, and he ultimately made the final Sacrifice for us on the cross.10 practical things that Jesus did in the book of Matthew as a means of Worship that we are to follow. There are many more but I have chosen 10.

Overcoming Temptation Matthew 4: 1-11 Leading Matthew 4:18-19 Accepting Persecution Matthew 5:11-12 Prayer Matthew 6:5-13 Forgiveness Matthew 6:14-15 Teaching Matthew 5-7 Compassion Matthew 9:35-36 Serving Matthew 20:26-28, Matthew 23:11-12 Persistence Matthew 24:12 Witnessing Matthew 28:18-20

Back to the original question. “Is worship a gathered event or a scattered lifestyle?
You never see Jesus participating specifically in a gathered corporate worship service in all of scripture. Instead you see Jesus worshipping through obedience. True Gathered Christian worship cannot be obtained unless it is worship from an obedient Christian. The first step towards obedience is repentance and response. Worship is an obiedient response to that in which you worship. Jesus needs to be our Example of worship and our Object of worship, because you become like that in which you worship.

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