Jesus; The Light of the World.

Series: Gospel of John
Title: Light
Text: John 8:12-20

At a light ceremony that was meant to worship God; Jesus tells the crowd, "I am the light of the world and if you follow me, you will not walk in darkness but instead have the light of life". So to follow Christ, is to “have the light of life”. But what does that mean?

In this profound statement, Jesus says that it is necessary for the world to have its eyes enlightened to who he is, in order to experience life the way it was intended to be experienced. And the only way to experience life the way it is intended to be experienced; is to walk with eyes illuminated to the Gospel; or to have what Tim Keller calls, "Gospel Lenses.”

Gospel lenses, are eyes enlightened to see the world through the reality of who God is and who we are. At the point of conversion, we have a very limited view of God’s holiness compared to our sinfulness. However, as we mature, our awareness of God’s holiness and our sinfulness, increase and I start to see God as he actually is and myself as I actually am. As a result, the reality of my need for the gospel is illuminated. Or in other words, “Christ becomes the light of my world.” and therefore, as illumination occurs, my love and worship of Jesus increases. As we begin to view Christ as the light of the world, our entire perspective of Christianity shifts.

No longer do we view Christianity as a group of people who are trying to appease God, but we are now enlightened and free to see Jesus as our gracious King who loves us based upon who He is, and thank God, not upon who we are.

Questions to consider... 

1. What things (outside of Jesus) have you pursued in order to enlighten yourself or give yourself a better perspective on life? How did that work out for you?

 2. If you are a Christian, what are some ways that Christ has lit up your life? Or how do you see the world differently now as a believer in Jesus?

3. Give an example of having Gospel Lenses in your life?

 4. If Christ is the light of the world; how does that have implications on us as "Christian Missionaries"?

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