Healthy Church w/ Pastor Andy Thompson in NC

I want to invite all of my friends in the ministry to check out my dear friend and partner in the ministry; Pastor Andy's Healthy Church Seminar. It is Fri\Dec. 7 & Sat\Dec.8. The early bird rate is $155 per person or $115 for 2 or more people. There is hotel info on the website listed below. Here is all the links that you need to get more information.

Feel free to share with other Pastors, leaders in your area. Over the past 4 years, Pastor Andy has not only become an incredible mentor for me as a Church Planter, but also a dear friend. I can promise that you will walk away having learned a ton of practical information on keeping your church healthy and influential. It is worth your while to check this out.


Here is a "Thank You" video that Netcast put together for Pastor Andy, as he and WOCC have been a huge supporter of Netcast Church and The Chewning Family.

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